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Having trained and lived in Europe and Singapore, I have a vast knowledge of innovative international food. I have been creating several recipes on my own and can do the same for you, bringing new life and vigour into your menu.


Team building over chopping, cooking, competing and eating is good fun. We conduct cookout events with entertaining culinary games to keep the team spirit going. The menu and details can be designed as per your requirement.


Private cooking classes with your friends or your family at your venue or mine. We cook together and then you can enjoy the meal with a glass of wine. We will get all the ingredients and knick knacks and curate a menu and event style as per your theme and choice.


We conduct culinary workshops in Bangalore and other cities. These classes usually focus on a single cuisine or a course. If you're unable to attend a physical class, we also have a selection of online classes that you can view from the comfort of your home. We're always around to offer support, should you have any questions after the class.

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We love working with new ingredients and creating new flavours. Consumers often need to be guided on how to use ingredients and kitchen equipment. We will create innovative recipes highlighting your products along with recommending your brand among our audience. This will be clubbed with attractive food photos styled by us.

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Contact me on +919830708456 or email to discuss your requirements and thoughts. 

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