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Fast Fresh Flavourful

The answer to this much-dreaded question can be found amidst the pages of this book. This is a guide for you to make fuss-free meals with gourmet flavours.

Fast, Fresh, Flavourful will become your 'go-to' reference for easy cooking. Whether you're a novice or a pro in the kitchen, there is a lot you will pick up about basic cooking techniques, substitution tricks and utilizing leftovers to optimize your time in the kitchen. Using local ingredients, Natasha shows you how to recreate global dishes to please your family, including fussy kids! Recipes are meant to be changed, and with the help of simple concepts, you wil be reinventing them in your own way. Meal plans, grocery lists and dietary adaptations take this book way beyond your regular 'cookbook.

Natasha's culinary style is inspired by her time spent living in various parts of the world, coupled with her family heritage. Get a taste of Asia from satay and pad thai to Singaporean laksa. Head west to the Middle East with incredible mezze platters and then to the Italian kitchen where Natasha shares her family recipes from Southern Italy. Top it al off with some spicy Mexican, fresh salads, wholesome Buddha bowls and of course, bits of sweetness.

The essence here is to celebrate the vibrancy and versatility of vegetarian cooking. However, each recipe does discuss substitutions with meat or seafood. Whatever your dietary preference, the deliciousness in these pages is sure to bring you pleasure.

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Natasha Celmi is at the forefront of a new generation of food writers who incorporate international influences and Indian traditions with the availabilityof new and varied ingredients. Whether she is offering her own take on modern Italian cuisine or reinterpreting old recipes her food is always fresh, delicious and inspiring."    


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