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Embark on a culinary holiday with some Spanish tapas or a lavish Levantine meze spread accompanied with homemade flatbreads. Head to Southern Italy to bake some authentic Neapolitan pizza. Get a taste of Natasha’s family recipes like baked eggplant rolls, hand-rolled gnocchi, seafood spaghetti and the best homely tomato sauce. Sample refreshing salads from Greece and Cyprus in the hot summer, dabble in rich French casseroles and gratins on those winter evenings and savour a hearty Moroccan stew on a rainy day. End the journey with delectable desserts and tea cakes from around the coast. Rest assured, the recipes in this book have you covered all year round. Vegetarian, vegan or a meat lover, this book is ‘flexitarian’- versatile dishes which can easily be customised to suit your preference. My Mediterranean Table uses simple ingredients to create big flavours. Everyday vegetables and fruits take center stage. Exotic ingredients are unscrambled so they can be made from pantry staples. With this book as your guide, you will enjoy recreating dishes from your travels or favourite restaurant in the comfort of your home. Set sail with your imagination and bring home the flavours. Award- winning author and chef, Natasha Celmi, spends her time between Europe and India. My Mediterranean Table is her endeavour to simplify classic dishes from the region that captured her heart. Soon, the revitalising and healthy Mediterranean cuisine will leave you enthralled too!

Seaside Villa
 "A wonderful introduction to the food of the Mediterranean for Indian readers. Natasha Celmi knows the cuisine first hand and explains it in a manner that is easy to grasp "

VIR SANGHVI, columnist, TV presenter, food writer

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